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Tom Upton

I have been djing since I was about 17, so that’s about 10yrs now. I used to be the resident Dj in a local Yates's wine lodge for 5yrs, that was great fun until Yates's decided to introduce a PC to deliver the music for the night! It was a real pain as they wanted 1 in 3 tracks to be played with a video on there fancy plasma screens! So yep I got bored and moved on.

Now i am focusing on my Djing career by uploading regular sets to MixUpload.com and playing on a number of Online Radio Station.

I now own a pair of CDJ 800's and DJM 500 mixer!! By far the best purchases i have ever made! I love my house music, electro, mash ups and old skool trance / club!

More recently I have started mixing again and now im looking for a residency in a club.

I have recently joined mixupload.com and have posted a number of my sets on their website which i am getting some awesome feebback from! .

Tom Upton @ Mixupload.com


RLP has been mixing records since 1979 when he started DJing in Montréal, Canada. 

After playing in the city's biggest clubs, he witnessed the fine art of «monsieur» Larry Levan himself at NYC's Paradise Garage and played at the lendary Danceteria, New York.

He moved to Paris to impose his own art of mixing in 1983 to the french audience. Little did he know that he would break grounds and introduce mixing and scratching to the french audiance.Producer of his own radio shows at the age of 20 on the mythical Paris RADIO 7 radio station, he soon started his DJ residencies at 2 of Paris hottest Clubs : LES BAINS DOUCHES and LE PALACE. As a true innovator, he started the first HOUSE MUSIC nights at the legendary REX CLUB back in 1986.

After a long break as a Dance Label Manager at Polygram France, he reappeares in 1999 on the front of the DJ scene with his own radio mix show on one of France's biggest FM Network "Europe 2" : NIGHT FEVER on saturday nights. In 2001, He released his first 12" in September as RLP : "VIBENESS" on his new record label RLPMIX Records and Radio FG signs him for a weekly radio mix show, along side Roger Sanchez, Carl Cox, Bob Sinclar and Pete Tong.In 2002, He's resident DJ at London's OPIUM every fridays.

In 2003, RLP signs his fisrt endorsment contract with Pioneer France.
He plays in 2003, 2004 and 2005 in front of over 10 000 clubbers at the PUR MIX events in Paris Bercy (with Robbie Riviera, Armand Van Helden, David Getta, Bob Sinclar).

In september 2004, he signs his first true monthly residency in Paris at AMNESIA for Madness on saturdays.Ever since, he is featured in the country's biggest and best clubs. With over 100 club dates per year, RLP is surely one of France's TOP RATED DJ.

In 2005, RLP played in Russia, Poland, Morroco, Luxembourg, Belgium, to finaly sign a monthly residency at Paris famed QUEEN Club for his own night : LOVE SENSATION


Born in the 60's, he grew up with glam-rock and first entered the clubs when Disco was in full bloom. Whenever he wasn't attending classes in school he could be found on his turntables. Soon after finishing school he went on to work in his profession, but he never lost his passion for music.

After buying a new laptop and DJ software Mixgeselle had his first experiences with mixing music. Due to his passion for music, he quickly became addictive and was now able to express his musical creativity in the sets he created.

Today Mixgeselle to share his creativity on many occasions in front of many packed dance floors. He describes his favorite dance music as follows:

"Of course I am still influenced by Disco and the 80's. So I am happy that House Music rediscovered this time and offers so many great remixes! Beyond that I love everything with a good beat, with a catchy melody and/or a great voice. Usually it's vocal/funky house I spin, sometimes also electro, tribal or trance."

Phil Hewson

Phil Hewson - I got introduced to a very talented DJ on the London scene - 'Steve Pitron'. Since meeting him he's inspired me to learn how to mix music. He's been a big influence on me, infact you could almost say his passion for music is contageous!! Well I caught the bug.

Well I caught the bug. Since then I've gone on to produce one of the best known House Music podcasts on iTunes. With over 25,000 downloads every week, the podcast has had such remarkable feedback from people all over the world.

So now I'm moving on and looking to DJ in clubs and bars in the London area. I'm just about to start a residency at a bar/club in Soho which I'm very excited about.

I like vocal, uplifting, funky and dirty electro house. If it has filthy lyrics, hands in the air vocals and a strong beat then that's allright by me!"

Dornan In The Mix

This is a new time, a precised time... we now live in the dusk shadows where evil has mixed itself with good.

But Dornan In The Mix is back with a vengeance! And is now mixing with one of the up and coming Dj's around, Dj Val.. We have not known each other for very long, in the short while we have known each other we have become very close both personally and on a professional basis.

Together we have got more teeth and a new attitude, so strap in and enjoy the sound of Dornan In The Mix & Dj Val, now on mixupload.com.

Dornan In The Mix @ Mixupload.com


Born in Greece 0n the 26th October 1980, Dimi.el starts to mix in bars and clubs all over the country from the age of 16.

Since, 10 years he developed his mixing technique in various music styles creating a buzzy atmosphere. He played at major events together with other famous names.

After the residency at the Guru bar in Ayia Napa Dimi.el takes the assignment of being the resident Dj of the Buddha Bar in Dubai where he presents a unique mix of house music with electro, tribal, progressive influences all combined to create the party mood. Dimi.el starts his session with selected lounge tunes from all over the world and slowly incorporates the beats lifting the audience to the dance mode.

DJ Costas Papa

Music is a form of expression in the medium of time using the structures of tones and silence. It creates complex forms in time through construction of patterns and combinations of natural stimuli principally sound. He would say music is the basic element of human existence, the core of ones psyche, music is oxygen.

What started out to be a small school party at the age of 13, eventually it turned out to be a deep fixation. At the age of 17 he moved away from software based mixing, and entered the hardware world. From then on he was at the right time at the right place, (Dubai, Swiss, Greece, and Cyprus)

Now, the necessity is evident, combining software and hardware in order to get the most out of dj-ing..

DJ Costas Papa

DJ Val

DJ Val, formally from Zimbabwe, Africa. Val has been living in the UK for 6 years now.

DJ Val started mixing in November 2005. She is what one would call a late bloomer to the business. Having said that DJ Val has had a life long passion for music of all genres. Although her love for music is vast in styles, her banging mixes are mainly funky house, vocal house and tribal house, but her talents in mixing lead her astray into mixing all genres of music.

DJ Val is finding it tough breaking into djing live at such an older age, but her mixing skills can give the youth and the professionals a real run for thier money.

With not a book or tutorial in sight DJ Val's skills and techniques are all self taught and is soon to seriously give her talents of producing a go, before she misses the boat so to speak. Val dosen't really have any certain influences in her music,and just mixes what she think's sounds right.

DJ Val's Myspace

DJ Eric Rosen's

Born into a family with great respect for music, Eric Rosen was raised on Eastern European and Israeli folk music and was an aspiring pianist by age 8, eventually practicing guitar for 4-5 hours a day between the ages of 15-19.

After getting exposed to house music at underground warehouse parties, Eric quickly took to its energy like a fish to water, and has been redefining the Southern California house scene ever since.

His musical taste in beats reflect his eclectic musical roots, and he brings a very “live�? feel to what traditionally is a synthesized and electronic sound. Using his turntables as a palette for connecting a wide variety of dance tracks, what sets Eric apart from the masses is his ability to combine contrasting styles of house music to fuse and blend everything in house music's history from nu-disco and re-edited funk to tech house and vocal classics.

DJ Eric Rosen's Myspace

DJ Kacey

Kacey's style can best be described as an uplifting, funky, feet flirtin frenzy with a dose of progressive, techy, electro driven thumpers thrown in. Give Kacey a crowd and with her versatile style, she’ll please them! It was over 14 years ago now that Kacey bought her first set of decks.

It was over 14 years ago now that Kacey bought her first set of decks, she’s been hooked ever since! Her infectious heart felt sets have been heard at some of the biggest clubs in the South West including Creation, Carling Academy Bristol, Fez Club, Timbuk2, Lakota, Thekla, Syndicate and The Blue Mountain..

Kacey is the newest Koolwaters resident playing at the House Sessions events around the UK alongside Electric Punk (Marc Vedo) and guests. She is also a resident for La Vita, an all female group of dj’s raising awareness and funds for breast cancer in the UK and abroad.La Vita can be found out on the white island this summer @ Hush every Monday. She’s also been playing for Hed Kandi at The Brunel Rooms in Swindon & Syndicate Bristol. Last year Kacey could be found playing on one of the stages at Global Gathering, the ultimate gig for any dj and also played a marathon 6 hour set at West Fest 2006.

Not content with just playing in clubs she’s been involved with Passion Fm, the largest pirate radio station in Bristol. Along with all of the above she has been running and promoting her own nights in London & Bristol. ‘R-House’ run with Nick Yockney and more recently ‘Groove Garden’ which she has just started up with Nathan Thomson from Kiss 101. Groove Garden can be found hosting room 2 at Syndicate Super Club in Bristol for Paul Oakenfold (5th May) and Ferry Corsten (26th May) as well as every Sunday at Zen Sai in Camden, London. Kaceys unmistakable style and insatiable appetite to play and please the crowd has won her many fans over the years and her down to earth approach is extremely refreshing.

Groove Garden Uk

Anthony Payne

I'm Anthony Payne from sunny Northampton in the UK and welcome, a place for funky house and anything else I am into at the time..

I first got into DJing at 18 and won my first competition just 9 months later. My favourite gig to date was on a boat packed with over 2200 party goers where a great night was had by all. This said, I have concentrated on a non-DJing career, but still love to play my music and hope you all enjoy listening to it.

I also run the website www.thedeckroom.co.uk where you can download my mixes, so check it out and tell the world about its premier unknown DJ..!

DJ GuyFi

A brief introduction to me. I currently work for myself doing web development and Onsite IT Support..

I run several of my own E-commerce websites as well as trying to further my DJ Career. I started Dj'n in 2006 and since it has become my number one hobby..

I have experimented with production, and with time on my hands, am keen to develop some funky house beats. Love a good electro remix and my favourite style is Electro House.

DJ Jamie Ross

Jamie started out just doing friends parties, leaving do's, etc until he got his first residency at a local bar back in the summer of 2005 at the Footlights in Edinburgh. Unfortunately this was not a success due to the environment of the bar being more sports orientated, and was stopped after 4 months. Since then it has been more various parties at places like the rat pack piano bar, Ryans bar.

In October 2006 he entered a DJ contest with Corona as the sponsor, after fleecing the competition in both the Edinburgh heat and the Scottish finals in Glasgow, he went to Switzerland for the world finals, there was some stiff competition from DJ's all over the world and unfortunantly he did not get a place in the top 3, but still gained in valuable experience so roll on next year....

JamieRoss.co.uk is now in assoctiation with the Chanter bar on bread street in Edinburgh where every friday night him and fellow DJ Ray Wong mix it up with some classic and new house tracks to set of your weekend.
Jamie's Myspace

DJ Johnny Ice

Born and raised in the Chicagoland suburbs, this Irish/Italian kid first entered the music scene at the age of 12 as a break-dancer. As years passed he joined a break-dance crew in Elgin, Illinois where he showed off his footwork at every Chicagoland club throughout the 90's. In 1992 he got his first set of Technic turntables and a Numark mixer...and the rest is history. Johnny has gone under 3 other alias DJ names before "Johnny Ice". He was previously known as DJ KARTOON, DJ FRICTION and KID GEMINI. One of the best talents this DJ has is his skill to tear up the dance floors between his DJ sets, leaving the crowd screaming for more. As he tells everyone, "Would you really trust a DJ that didn't know how to dance - and dance WELL?" Trust the DJ that knows how it's done, on vinyl and digitally...Johnny Ice is on the box banging that house, you dig?  

DJ's Brooks & Bown

Paul and Gary started in 1989, Paul started playing in the Cambridge free party scene and Gary was in Austraila on Kiss FM. Old School tracks such as Shades of Rythym, K-Klass and The Prodigy were influences, hence the Old School slant on most of our mixes.

We have played in various venues across the south coast and regularly were bringing in a capacity crowd for the venues we played at.

We have promoted 2 major nights in aid of various charities involved up to 30 Dj's and 12 hrs air play.

Now with slots booked next year for Costa del Sol and Corfu and Tunisia and a weekly residency at Rendezvous proving to be one of the best house nights in the area, fusing our unique blend of old school and cutting edge house. Welcome to Brooks & Bown !

DJ Wynston

DJ Wynston Garté started DJ-ing at his local youthclub when he was 12.

Very mature for his age Wyn' started DJ-ing at local clubs and venues in his hometown of Stavanger at 14!. He used to play a lot of R&B in those days. You know the 80's kind with lots of harmonies and intricate drumpatterns. By the early 90's he moved to the capitol, Oslo. It was time to move on to bigger and better things.

His first gigs in Oslo were at Smuget, a midlevel but wellknown establishment, which gave him an opportunity to show his stuff. Soon he had offers from more serious clubs. Wynston worked as a club-dj in Oslo for about three years before he desided to take a break.

It's the usual story; boy meets a girl, knocks her up and has to get a "real" job. Now, he's back though and for the last year Wyn's beeen working his way back into the clubscene. Funky, groovy & soulful house is his passion, besides R&B of course.

His main goal is to get the opportunity to work abroad, especially in the UK or the US.


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